Historical documents.


The Royal Proclamation document

The Royal Proclamation document


The Magna Carta doccument

The Magna Carta document



The Great Peace of Montreal.

These documents are very important to us because they completely changed how we look at rights, freedoms and democracy.

The first document we will discuss will be the Magna Carta.

The Magna Carta was made when a king named John was making laws for the people and arresting them for breaking laws they didn’t even know existed. He didn’t follow any of the laws himself. Finally a group of people came up to him with the Magna Carte. The Magna Carte basically stated that you must follow the laws no matter what position you hold. In other words everyone has to follow the laws even the king and queen.

The second document I will talk about is the Bill of Rights.

The Bill Of Rights is basically the Canadian Charter Of Rights and Freedoms but it was just a law, it wasn’t entrenched. Entrenched means that it is harder to change than a law because you need everyone in the government, any government in Canada, to agree.

The third document I will tell you about is Le Grande Paix De Montreal, or The Great Peace Of Montreal.

This document was signed between the French and the Aboriginal. It  stated that the aboriginal in the area would not have wars with each other, that they would share the hunting grounds outside the French fur trading post, and that if there were any future conflicts the french government would handle it.

The final document is the Royal Proclamation.